Monday, December 16, 2013

Friday Lunch at Pino & Pipino

A few weeks ago, my sister and I had our gown fitting for my cousin's wedding. She doesn't have school on Fridays so we took our time to head out to Makati that morning - unfortunately, we got caught in traffic, but not so much that we finished just in time for lunch.

We decided to eat at Pino Resto Bar / Pipino along Jupiter Street. My sister has never tried their food, and I've only been to their Malingap branch once so I thought it'd be a good bonding experience for us to try something new together.

I went with Pino's Seafood Aligue Pasta.
Pino Bar
I liked that it was creamy and not malansa. My sister Pauline liked it too, even though she's not a big fan of pasta - so, plus points for that, Pino!  

Pino Bar
Pauline ordered the Bacon and Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breast. We thought it was dry and a bit hard on the outside, so we ended up just bringing it home.

What irked us was the fact that the server didn't give us both menus - I only realized that there are separate menus for Pino and Pipino when I saw the ladies at the other table holding different menus. By that time, we had already ordered our dishes. Too bad, we would have loved to try their Squash Risotto and Cold Soba Buckwheat Noodles. Oh well, maybe another time.

Even though we were pretty full from the pasta and iced tea, we decided to try their Veggie Triangles - masabi lang na we ordered from both Pino and Pipino. Haha. 
Pino Bar
We found this sort of flour-y and bland, so we had to dip it in the curried chili sauce just to get some flavor. :(
Overall, I'd recommend the Seafood Aligue Pasta, but not so much the other dishes we ordered. I'd still visit Pino/Pipino again though - their menu looks promising so I don't want to judge them solely on this visit. Maybe they were just having a bad day, who knows. All I know is that, I won't be ordering the chicken breast or the veggie triangles anytime soon.