Friday, October 11, 2013

Say Hello to my New Hair!

For a while now, I've been wanting to do something new with my hair. In the last years, I've had it bobbed, permed, relaxed, colored and re-colored. Recent salon visits, however, mainly revolve around getting my hair trimmed and the occasional treatments, and honestly, I'm getting bored with my hair. Haha. I figured maybe it was about time that I change it up again, so that's exactly what I did.
Soiree Salon and SpaSoiree Salon and Spa
I eventually decided on getting a digital perm and lucky for me, Soirée Salon and Spa was there to save the day! :)

Soiree Salon and Spa
I arrived at Soirée Salon and Spa at 10:30 on a Saturday morning. The receptionist greeted me and asked about the service I wanted to have done, then requested that I head upstairs to where the main area of the salon was located.
Soiree Salon and SpaSoiree Salon and Spa
There, I was immediately approached by their stylist, Ken, who made sure that he knew what type of curls I wanted before handing me off to one of the assistants to have my hair washed.
Soiree Salon and Spa
I made sure to bring a book and some food with me, since I remembered the first time I got a (traditional) perm, I had to sit in the salon the entire afternoon. 
Soiree Salon and SpaSoiree Salon and Spa Soiree Salon and Spa
After washing my hair, they applied the treatment, which they left on for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. What's great about Soirée is their fast and quality service. Aside from serving complimentary drinks like coffee, iced tea or hot chocolate, they also have timers to make sure the treatment does not sit for too long that it damages your hair.
Soiree Salon and SpaSoiree Salon and Spa
When it came time to curl my hair, Ken was the one who divided it into sections and inserted the rollers in. He made sure to roll them properly and repeated his steps when needed. A few minutes later, they attached the rollers to the machine and set the timer for another 15 minutes.
Soiree Salon and SpaSoiree Salon and Spa
At first, I was wondering why they covered my hair with a towel. Then I realized that it was to avoid burning my skin, because the rollers can get really hot in the process. During that time, the assistant was kind enough to hold up the towel and keep it from touching the back of my neck so I don't get burned. Thank you to the staff of Soirée Salon and Spa for taking that extra step and ensuring the clients feel comfortable at all times.
Soiree Salon and SpaSoiree Salon and Spa
With the machine off, they left the rollers to cool down before washing my hair again. The entire process didn't feel long at all, so I was surprised when I saw that I had been there for two hours already. I don't think I even got through ten pages of my book! Note: there were four other clients while I was there, so props to them for being super efficient! 
Soiree Salon and SpaSoiree Salon and Spa
Upon seeing the first signs of my newly permed hair, I was definitely excited. Ken started blow-drying my hair and even gave me tips on how to style it! He showed what kind of product to use and applied some on my curls. Just a few twirls here and there, and I was good to go!

Check out these selfies I took a week after my visit to Soirée Salon and Spa
Soiree Salon and SpaSoiree Salon and Spa
Crazy happy and definitely loving my new hair :) Thanks, Soirée!
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