Monday, September 16, 2013

Pudding Republiq: A Unique Treat

Are you ready for another foodie feature? 
This time, the spotlight's on Pudding Republiq! :)

Mike and I discovered them at the Eid'l Fitr Food Festival in Trinoma last month. We were looking to try something new, something that you don't see everyday. Lucky for us, Pudding Republiq was there to satisfy our cravings.

We shared a cup of their S'mores pudding and immediately fell in love with it. We also met the owners Chie Gutierrez and her husband, who mentioned that they're actually located down south. I'm so glad that they joined another food fair in Trinoma a few weeks later, because then I got to go home with some of their delicious creations for my family and boyfriend to try! :)
Pudding Republiq
While we were there, we were approached by a mom and her daughter who saw us eating our Buko Pandan (above) and Toblerone bread pudding. She asked if they were any good, to which I replied yes! ;) A few minutes later, they came back with a pudding in each hand, and thanked us for recommending Pudding Republiq :)

Wheee. Onto my box of happiness! :)
S'mores bread pudding :)Pudding Republiq
Ube Macapuno bread pudding
Pudding Republiq
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese ToppingsPudding Republiq
Toblerone bread puddingPudding Republiq
Lastly, Fruits with Caramel Sauce :)Pudding Republiq
Thank you so much to Ms. Chie and Pudding Republiq for this!
For inquires, orders and bazaar schedules, contact Ms. Chie at 0917-5153484. :)