Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Big Brand Sale Haul

Dropped by the Big Brand Sale at the Pinoy Big Brother Concert Hall with Mike yesterday, guess what I ended up buying??

Magazines! FOOD magazines, to be exact! Hahaha!

They're all from 2012, but for P20 each, I don't really care! I just want the recipes! :P
I also bought these FOOD cookbooks for P50 each. Okay na diba? :)BBS

When you go to a bazaar, you expect to find (and purchase) clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. Nakakatawa lang na I went home with these instead. :p

The Big Brand Sale ends on August 18, Sunday.
So you have until tomorrow to drop by!
There's an entrance fee of P50, pero sulit naman since part of the proceeds will go to Bantay Bata.

Enjoy shopping!