Tuesday, August 13, 2013

La Creperie Boheme

La Creperie
A few weeks ago, La Creperie opened a new branch in New Manila, located at 66-D Broadway Avenue. When Joy invited me to have lunch with one of the owners, I really didn't know what to expect. I've never been to La Creperie before and I had no idea what kind of food they offered (aside from crepes, of course). Good thing my schedule was wide open that afternoon because the dishes that we got to try were absolutely delicious!

In the three hours that we were there, we talked about pretty much everything - how they started, what inspired them to come up with their theme and menu items - heck, we even talked about our favorite restaurants! Oh, would you believe that in just four years, they already have five branches? La Creperie is located in Eastwood Mall, Shangri-La Mall, Robinsons Galleria, Little Baguio and New Manila! And they're actually looking to open their sixth branch soon!

La Creperie Boheme has three floors and is their biggest branch yet. They're still working on the upper floors though :) 
La Creperie
Ms. Christine is part of a book club so she displayed some of her books for customers to read while enjoying their meals :)
La CreperieLa Creperie
A print of Robert Doisneau's Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville (1950) painted with amor vincit omnia - love conquers all
La CreperieLa Creperie
See those yellow bags on the upper right? That's TWGLa Creperie serves TWG tea by the pot. I ordered the Creme Caramel while Joy went with Vanilla. Definitely coming back to try their other teas. :)
La CreperieLa Creperie
French Onion Soup (P185) - Though I'm not a big fan of onion, I loved this! Especially with the gruyere cheese on top :)
La CreperieLa Creperie
Croque Madame (P295) - Oven-baked ham, mustard and gruyere cheese sandwiches with bechamel sauce served with a side salad. You may also get their Croque Monsieur (P285) - pretty much the same thing, less the egg :)
La CreperieLa CreperieLa Creperie
Yummmmyyy! This is definitely one of my favorites for the day! I love how they present their food, it makes me want to be a food photographer. :p

Next, we had the Amatriciana (P245) - Looks like your regular spaghetti bolognese, except when tasted, you'll find that it contains bacon, tomato and chili. Nothing regular about it at all!
La Creperie
Unfortunately, we didn't get to finish the pasta because we were excited to try the Angus Beef Tapa. I mean, who doesn't like tapa? This isn't actually available on their menu yet, so lucky we got try it first!
La CreperieLa Creperie
The tapa can come with rice or crepe. No need for the vinegar because the tapa is already flavorful. Saraaaaap!

Another item that's not on their menu yet - a four cheese Galette de Sarrasin (savory crepe made from buckwheat flour)
La CreperieLa Creperie
The four cheeses include cheddar, mozzarella, fontina and cambozola. Topped with arugula to balance out the flavor :)

Finally, onto dessert! We started off with a best seller - Angelina's - their Paris style hot chocolate couverture (60% cacao) served with a piece of dark chocolate and whipped cream that you can should add to your drink. The result is a rich mixture of chocolatey goodness that everyone will surely love.

Fun fact: This drink was named after a popular restaurant in Paris, Angelina :)La Creperie
To go with that, another best seller! Their Salidou (P145) - a crepe topped with homemade salted butter caramel and whipped cream. Our two desserts went so well together. I want more!! :)La Creperie
I recommend those who just want a quiet afternoon to clear their heads or relax to visit La Creperie. It will transport you to a different place, away from the hustle and bustle of the crazy city life. It's also a good place to bring friends if you just want talk and catch up over some crepes and hot chocolate.

Thank you so much to Ms. Christine Laman and La Creperie for having us :)
La Creperie
La Creperie is located at:
Eastwood Mall, Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Robinsons Galleria
403 F Calderon Street, Little Baguio, San Juan
66-D Broadway Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City
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