Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Shoutouts

Before the month ends, I would like to send out some love to the following people:

1. Party Starters PH for my first set of Washi Tapes. Using these in next month's DIY project! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for your party needs :) 
2. Mel's Collection for my customized necklaces and wire bracelets! They are as pretty as I imagined!
Watch out for these arm candies in my future giveaways! 
Follow Mel's Collection on Facebook and Instagram now :)

3. ARTees Collection for paper mache letters I'm using in September's DIY project! Got the two B's for my initials then the word DREAM to remind myself to never stop dreaming :)
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram (join their giveaway ending on August 30 at 9pm)

4. Pudding Republiq for the delicious pudding cups. Proper review to be posted soon! ;)
 Send your orders/inquiries to 0917-5153484 :)

5. And finally, thanks to my Ahia (big brother) for bringing home these Pepero snacks from Hong Kong. Especially excited to try the almond!
So yeah, August has been a pretty colorful month. Been hanging out a lot with friends and discovering new things.
I'm already looking forward to what the -ber months will bring :)
I hope everyone is having an awesome August. If not, you still have a few days, so make them count!