Friday, July 19, 2013

SumoSam Saves the Day

Two weeks ago, my family had planned on watching Monsters University (my mom was very insistent that we watched ASAP :p). We got to the mall around 5pm and immediately lined up to buy tickets. Unfortunately, when we got to the counter, the movie was already sold out - up to the last screening! So instead of sulking in a corner and begging for people to sell us their tickets, we decided to eat instead. 

We headed to SumoSam, one of our favorite restaurants, for an early dinner. Before opening their menu, we already had an idea of what we wanted to order. Ever since my mom, my sister and I tried their Chicken Teriyaki and Mangoes Pizza and Kani Sizzling Plate months ago, we never fail to order them every time we dine there. Unfortunately, the pizza wasn't available, so we had to explore new options - which turned out to be a great idea.

Kani Sizzling Plate (P268)

Kani Sizzling Plate when mixed

Agedashi Tofu (P228)Sumosam1

Spicy Tuna Salad (P268)Sumosam2

Chicken Teriyaki Roll (P208)Sumosam7

Zaru Cha Soba (P308)Sumosam5

Vegetable Kakiage (P228)Sumosam6

Out of everything we ate, my top 3 would have to be: Zaru Cha Soba, Kani Sizzling Plate and Agedashi Tofu. Not to say that the others weren't good, they were all great!:) I wasn't able to try the Vegetable Kakiage though, because my brother only ordered that after the first five dishes (and I was too full to eat any more).

Thank you, SumoSam, for saving our day! :)


4th Level, TriNoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave.
Phone Number: 901-3262