Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer in July: Boracay 2013

Hey everyone! Just got back from my Boracay trip with Mike and some of his friends where we bonded over food and drinks, and random beach activities.

Here are some photos I edited - mostly taken from Mike's cam. I left my camera in the room for almost the entire trip because I didn't want to worry about where to put it, should we decide to swim or whatever. I just wanted to be in the moment and enjoy everybody's company. But I swear I'll take more photos next time. :D

We munched on chori burgers and calamansi muffins, and drank to our hearts' content! I also discovered a new favorite - Jonah's Banana Vanilla Shake. :)

The group rented snorkeling gears (P30 each) which we brought along on our island hopping activity (P150/person). We played King's Cup in our room and learned a lot of new (and embarrassing) things about each other.

So glad that Mike brought his tripod for proper group photos! :)

Boracay 18Boracay 1 Boracay 4Boracay 15 
Highlights: getting a massage by the beach, watching the sunset together, stargazing, playing (and failing at) frisbee, sand bowling, and desperately trying to fight the current while snorkeling :P

Boracay 3Boracay 12Boracay 19 Boracay 11 Boracay 2 Boracay 9Boracay 8Boracay 10Boracay 7Boracay 17Boracay 20Boracay 21Boracay 16Boracay 13Boracay 5Boracay 14
 I had so much fun on this trip! Already looking forward to the next one, guys!! :)