Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Music: Michael Henry & Justin Robinett

Just a quick post for today. For the longest time, I have been avoiding going on YouTube because of my slow internet connection. But since we've upgraded ours to Globe's plan P1299, I've been exposed to a ton of new music. The duo of Michael Henry and Justin Robinett have been at the top of my list of YouTube sensations for a while now and apparently, they've started making covers of Disney songs as well. 

Sharing this one in particular - Make a Man Out of You from the movie Mulan. I'm no music expert, but I especially love how this cover begins slow because it gives it that wow factor for when MHJR starts singing.

They also made a cover of Just Give Me a Reason by Pink feat. Nate Ruess, but I have to say, this Disney cover ranks higher in my book.

My other favorites from them include this Adele Medley (Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You and Turning Tables), When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars and Man in the Mirror by the late Michael Jackson.

What about you - who are your YouTube favorites? Let me know! :)