Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Afternoon at Bubble Tea Restaurant

Remember when we weren't able to watch Monsters University so we ended up eating at SumoSam instead? So the following week, my sister requested that we watch two movies - Monsters University and Despicable Me 2! To make sure that our night wasn't going to end like last time, I went to the mall early and purchased tickets to the 5:05pm and 7:30pm showing, respectively. With more than four hours to waste, I headed to Bubble Tea Restaurant to *finally* try their japanese rolls. I've been to Bubble Tea numerous times before, but only for their drinks. So yeah, I didn't mind having the whole afternoon (and an order of their Spicy California roll) to myself. :D

I ate while I worked (how cute are my heart paper clips? I made them myself!:P)
Oh, forgot to mention that my boyfriend dropped by and shared a glass of Strawberry Tea Slush with Egg Pudding with me. He left after 20 minutes. Short but sweet. Teehee :"> 
Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant
2/F Trinoma Mall, North Avenue, QC
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