Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nail Cocktales Hand and Foot Spa

Last Mother’s Day, my mom, my sister and I celebrated over lunch. Whenever the three of us go out, it’s always fun because I get to do the driving - and therefore, the planning as well! It’s our opportunity to get to try out a new restaurant or get a massage/have our nails done (talk about girl bonding!). Luckily, that day was no different. :) After tons of food, photos, and laughter, we took our usual route home along Tomas Morato. For the nth time, we passed by Nail Cocktales Hand and Foot Spa - a place I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I set eyes on their beautiful teal-colored logo. Good thing my mom and my sister are as spontaneous as I am when it comes to these things, so we ended up spending that afternoon there. :)

Since I enjoyed my time there so much, two weeks later, I found myself back to get some much needed pampering.
Nail Cocktales
Nail Cocktales opened its doors to the public in October 25, 2012 through the vision of Ms. Agnes Buena. She wanted to create a space that offers a unique experience that clients will keep coming back to. Her aim is to make each and every visit a pleasurable one by providing clients with a relaxing environment, organic options in their services and of course, affordable prices.

Nail Cocktales
I arrived at 1pm and was warmly greeted by Ms. Nerie. Their menu of services ranged from hand and foot care, nail art, massage therapy, paraffin spa treatments, threading and waxing. Since I already tried their best seller, the Cherry Margarita pedicure (P400), during my first visit, I opted for the Salted Caramel Chocolate Mocha Mint pedicure with manicure (P600) this time around. Sounds yummy, right? :)
Nail Cocktales
Beautiful interior design. I want my future home to look like this! Haha:)
Nail Cocktales
Nail Cocktales
Magazines available for reading
Nail Cocktales
With the lights dimmed. Doesn’t that look cozy?:)
Moving on to the pampering! :) First, my feet were soaked in water drizzled in organic caramel silk soap syrup with Shea butter for a few minutes. Then the organic scrub - imagine creamy salted caramel chocolate mocha being rubbed all over your feet. It’s so relaxing! And that’s not even the best part yet:) 

My favorite part of the afternoon would have to be the organic mask because after having my feet cling wrapped for 15 minutes, I felt so cool and refreshed. My feet felt brand new! :)
What I really liked was the fact that during the foot spa, Ms. Michelle kept saying “Excuse me, Ma’am” when she had to take out my feet from the water or put it back in.

Massages are also included in the services. First, they put strawberry lotion on your hands and feet; then later spray them with grapefruit mist (I love this! It smells really, really good) to take away the stickiness of the lotion. Both of which are organic as well.

The manicure and pedicure went without a problem. Instead of using the pink cuticle remover that we see in most nail spas, Nail Cocktales uses gel cuticle remover instead - mainly for the sides of the nail - then just buff the middle part to make it easier for the polish to stick (I didn’t know this :p) Ms. Nerie was very careful in cleaning my cuticle and cutting my nails. She would ask, “Ma’am, masakit ba? (Ma’am, does it hurt?)” I seldom get out of a nail spa without a wound (my skin around nails are quite thin), so this is something I also appreciated.

Their wide range of nail polishes include: Orly, Essie, Dip, Revlon, China Glaze, Imperative Dazzle and Zoya :)
Nail Cocktales
The camera shy nail technicians - Ms. Nerie and Ms. Michelle :P

To date, Nail Cocktales is the only place I know that prettifies your nails and serves cocktail drinks as well. :) I’ve yet to try their drinks, but I will soon. ;) Although each client is already given a complimentary glass of iced tea, they also serve milk tea, soda, beer or water. This takes pampering to a wholenew level, don’t you think? You’ll really get to relax and experience something new when you’re there. :)

Oh, you may have noticed that I kept repeating the word “organic” in the last paragraphs. I did that on purpose because that’s one of the main reasons why I think Nail Cocktales stands out from the rest.

Watch out for their new branch opening soon in D. Tuazon! 

Thank you so much to Ms. Agnes Buena and Ms. Mishel for accomodating me during my visit :)
Nail Cocktales was presented the award for BEST NAIL CARE SERVICES - LOCAL CATEGORY (1st Year) by the 2012 Consumers’ Choice Award by the Consumer League of the Philippines Foundation (CONPHIL), INC.

Address: 195 Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Fuentebella, QC
Contact Numbers: 0927-2453609 / 02-399-4108
(Also open for franchising - contact 09175501219)