Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunsets and Hope


Posting this photo I captured on our way back to our rooms during our two-day trip at Sabang Beach. Sorry I wasn’t able to post photos while I was there ‘cause I couldn’t find a decent wi-fi connection. Wasn’t this worth the wait though?:) The moment I saw how beautiful the sky looked, I ran to find a better view! What luck, right? It’s not every day that you see the sky this majestic! A man who saw me taking photos told me that during his years of living at Sabang Beach, he has never seen anything remotely close to this.

I know there are amazing photos of sunsets and beaches all over the web, but it’s different when you actually see something like this in person. It gives you hope - so much hope for the world, for humankind, and especially for yourself. It’ll make you feel like a lot of the things you’re worrying about right now, are not actually worth worrying about at all. :)

Let go of the little things. Stop worrying and start living your life :)