Thursday, April 18, 2013

Instax Crazy!

Last February, I had a small envelope for my polaroids and a box from an 88-peso store to put all my Instax stuff in. Feeling bad for myself, I went on the computer to look up where I can buy photo albums… lo and behold, I found Polaroid PH. Back then, the albums I wanted were out of stock, but I didn’t give up. I still sent in an order form and just asked them to reserve two albums for me once new stocks arrived.

After two months of texting and checking the site for updates, it finally said IN STOCK. I went crazy. I immediately texted Polaroid PH, ordered the albums I wanted, paid for them on the same day just so I can receive them the day after. I just couldn’t wait for Monday, you know? :P

So yeah. Here they are. My Colorful Daydream Instax Mini Photo Albums in Lavender and Hot Pink.

Aren’t they pretty? :> Right after taking photos of the albums, I took more photos - after adding in my polaroids, of course. :) 

The albums also came with their own sets of stickers (which I forgot to take pictures of, so sorry). But seriously, the albums are perfect!! I actually regret getting just two; they had three colors in stock (Hot Pink, Lavender and Yellow), but since I’ve only used 20 prints so far, I figured 144 slots - 72 per album - would be more than enough. Oh wait, that’s not counting the extra slot in front of the album!! So 73 slots per album for only P350! Now that’s value for your money. :) 

P.S. It was my mom’s idea to put all the portrait photos in one album and the landscape ones in the other, just so it will be easier to look through them. Smart noh? Haha :)

Now, I guess I’m really gonna need more film if I’m going to fill these up ;) Already purchased two Twin Packs (40 exposures) via eBay - that, including the 30 exposures I have left, should be enough to last me until the end of the year. Hopefully. ;)