Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recent Buys: Apple Accessories

Being a lover of all things polka-dotted, imagine my excitement when I got home tonight and saw my package from Digitalism Philippines waiting for me in my room! And to think I only paid for this yesterday! That's what I call great service! :) They sell different cases for the iPhone, iPod Touch & more! The case I bought is for my iPod Touch (as you can probably tell from the photo below). I actually really like the blue & white polkadots case, but I decided on the red & white one because I already have too many blue & white polka-dotted items - pouches, bags, tops, hair accessories (yes, I have more than one of each kind. lol). Plus, it matches the watch and bracelet I always wear to work :-)
Red and White and Polkadots
I also bought the prettiest keyboard cover for my Macbook (also from Digitalism Philippines)
Yummy Yellow 2
Yummy yummy yellow ❤

Thank you so much, Digitalism Philippines!