Thursday, April 30, 2020

Quarantine Week Seven Update

Quick update and recommendations on what to watch this ECQ ;)

Three weeks ago, Tim and I decided to temporarily relocate to the province to be closer to work. Since they produce plastic for a number of essential businesses (food companies and manufacturers of personal hygiene products such as tissue and cotton), work has been continuous for their company. It made more sense for us to stay at the office so he didn't have to drive out on a daily basis. 

So yeah, we've been here for three weeks now. I've been partly working, but most of the time, I'm either playing on my phone (any games you'd like to recommend?) or watching movies/series. Still trying to do the stuff I mentioned in my previous post on how to keep busy in the time of COVID-19, but sometimes, you just got to relax and be unproductive. That's okay, too.

What have I been watching this ECQ?
1. Finished the last season of Modern Family. I absolutely love this show and the fact that there's something to be learned in every episode. It's such a nice family show and will make you appreciate your loved ones a lot better. 

2. Finished the last season of Jane the Virgin. An American romantic-comedy played out like a telenovela that's focused on Jane and her family - their relationship, their being devout catholics, and their views on life in general. Really interesting storyline and very strong on family as well. Also, it's the first show on an American broadcast network that focuses on Hispanic actors and actresses.

3. Started Orange is the New Black. My mom and I were supposed to watch this together a while back but there's a lot of sex and nudity in it, so we just stopped. I remembered it earlier this year and watch it from time to time. I'm currently on season 3.

4. Speaking of sex and nudity.. Elite. Haha. It's a Spanish thriller revolving around three impoverished kids who got into an exclusive school attended by the wealthy and privileged. I thought it was going to be a love story of some sort, but biglang may murder. Haha. I didn't look up the show beforehand, so this got me pretty interested (aside from the fact that the cast is GORGEOUS - I'm looking at you, Aron Piper, Danna Paola, and ESTER EXPOSITO.)

5. Will and Grace. I've been watching this for quite a while now but it gets a little too much (OA) sometimes, so I stop and watch something else. I actually recommended this to my mom and she has already finished the entire show while I'm only on season 4. I usually watch this when I'm busy cleaning or too distracted to focus on a more serious show.

6. The Big Bang Theory. So, at my old job, they kept saying I was like Penny in the show because I didn't watch movies like Harry Potter or Star Wars or Star Trek and therefore, couldn't get certain references whenever they came up in conversations . And it's true, I guess I kinda am like Penny, but it's not something to be ashamed of because Penny was street-smart and knew a lot about relationships versus the guys in the show being book-smart, you know? Lately, I've been watching this with Tim because he seems to really enjoy it, even though he doesn't understand some of the jokes too.

7. How to Get Away with Murder. I totally forgot about this show, luckily, a friend posted on her IG stories that it was back, so I'm trying to follow it again. I'm on season 6 which is the current season, so yay!

8. Another one I'm following is Dynasty. I always look forward to the weekend since that's when new episodes come out. American actress and singer Elizabeth Gillies plays Fallon Carrington, so expect some singing in the show as well!

9. Crash Landing on You. Finished this in just a few days (tinipid ko pa 'yon!). It's the BEST koreanovela I've watched so far. I don't understand why people keep comparing it to Goblin because Goblin wasn't all that, in my opinion. "A paragliding mishap drops a South Korean heiress in North Korea -- and into the life of an army officer, who decides he will help her hide." Cried so much with this one. 

10. Rewatched Legend of the Blue Sea with Tim. Recommended this show to him after he got super obsessed with CLOY (to the point where he slept at 3:30am on a weekday haha). He didn't want to start another koreanovela because he knew he was going to get hooked, and hooked he was. Jun Ji-hyun is such a great actress and so pretty as well. "A mermaid from the Joseon period ends up in present-day Seoul, where she crosses paths with a swindler who may have ties to someone from her past" - Netflix

11. Currently watching Hi Bye, Mama. Makes you rethink your life and the way you live it because it can all be gone in a blink of eye. All the lead wants is to be happy and spend her life with her husband, her child, her best friends and her family, but she lost everything and died due to an accident. And has been living on Earth as a ghost. :(

12. Love is Blind. "You will choose someone to marry, without ever seeing them." It's a dating show where they go on individual pods and talk to the other person with a wall in front of them so it's all based on their connection and not on physical appearance. It's interesting in a funny way, and you'll see the difference from when they're in the pods to when they see each other, from spending all the time alone together to when they meet each other's families and friends. And yes, some people actually proposed after talking with someone for a few days. 

13. The Circle. Revolves around chatting with a group and choosing which person you like best at the end of the week, and eventually winning the pot money. You can either be true to yourself or pretend to be someone else (basically catfishing). Funny din.

14. Too Hot to Handle. SO RIDICULOUS. But this one got me hooked! I couldn't stop laughing because the narrator kept making jokes about the people on the show. Parang they themselves know how silly the entire thing is. Haha! So basically, a bunch of hot, very sexually-active people go on vacation supposedly to have fun and have a lot of sex, but the twist is, they're actually NOT allowed to have sex or anything close to it. Every time they do a violation, money gets deducted from the pot. Nakakatawa kasi they just can't help themselves. The supposed goal of the show is to actually help them form meaningful connections, but I'm not really sure if they were able to do that?? :P

Movies I've watched recently:
There is only one. And that's Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth! This one actually deserves to be on the big screen, sobrang ganda!! Good storyline, great action scenes. Netflix Originals can be hit or miss but this one is definitely worth watching! 

What I watch on YouTube:
1. BestDressed just because I love the way Ashley speaks and explains stuff. She works hard for what she has, and really follows her dream. Her channel is mostly about fashion and making over her home/s. Puts a lot of effort into her content and editing it.

2. The Sorry Girls. All about DIYs. It's fun to watch how they tackle certain challenges and make them work. They fail at times, but they never give up! :P 

3. Mr. Kate. All about home makeovers. SO, SO BEAUTIFUL! Sana may Pinas version of Mr. Kate. I also follow her on Instagram because her baby Moon is just the cutest!!!

4. Say Yes to the Dress. It's a guilty pleasure. I've loved this show a long time now.

Oh and before I forget, I have a YouTube channel of my own, so if you'd like to subscribe to that, I'd really appreciate it (click here) :P 

Lastly, if you have any thoughts on the shows I've mentioned, please comment them below! Also feel free to drop suggestions on what else I could watch during the quarantine! :)
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