Saturday, December 21, 2013

Of Dogs and Nightmares

Have you ever had a dream where you get into a fight with somebody close to you and you wake up crying? Or worse, someone you love dies?? 

I've had more than my share of nightmares this 2013 - family members dying, getting into crazy fights with my parents and being cheated on by my boyfriend. Most recently, last December 19 (which was my birthday!!), I dreamt that one of my dogs died. Mikko, my favorite, was really sad one morning, so I tried playing with him but he didn't care. I remember holding him in my arms when he told me he was dying! His exact words were: "konti nalang, konti nalang mamamatay na ako." And the worst part is, other members of my family didn't care. My mom and my aunt were even laughing at me because I was crying!

Here are the most recent photos I took of Mikko, a week before I had that awful nightmare.
Mikko <3Mikko <3
I was crying my eyes out when I woke up. And would you believe that that was actually my second nightmare that day? Of all the days, birthday ko pa. :(
Not sure why I decided to share this. Sorry for spreading so much negativity and sadness this close to Christmas. I promise to post more positive stuff after the holidays, pagbigyan niyo nalang ako today. I'm really gonna miss our dogs when they're gone. They (Mikko and Mikki) are already seven years old, so I'm just praying they don't leave us too soon. 
To dog owners everywhere, love your dogs, don't take them for granted. Remember, "he might be only part of your life, but for him, you are his everything, the only person in his whole life."

Monday, December 16, 2013

Friday Lunch at Pino & Pipino

A few weeks ago, my sister and I had our gown fitting for my cousin's wedding. She doesn't have school on Fridays so we took our time to head out to Makati that morning - unfortunately, we got caught in traffic, but not so much that we finished just in time for lunch.

We decided to eat at Pino Resto Bar / Pipino along Jupiter Street. My sister has never tried their food, and I've only been to their Malingap branch once so I thought it'd be a good bonding experience for us to try something new together.

I went with Pino's Seafood Aligue Pasta.
Pino Bar
I liked that it was creamy and not malansa. My sister Pauline liked it too, even though she's not a big fan of pasta - so, plus points for that, Pino!  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

G2G: Got to Give

Let's make this Christmas more meaningful!

 "G2G (Got to Give): A Christmas Bazaar for Leyte" is a massive 2-day bazaar of pre-loved, good quality items.
All proceeds of the bazaar will go into the construction of a school in Leyte.

 In the spirit of giving and of bayanihan, we encourage you to donate your clothes, bags,
accessories, and home decor to this worthy cause.

 For interested parties, please fill out this donation form.

 For more information:
Like their Facebook page -
Follow them on Twitter -

Thursday, December 5, 2013

House of Lasagna by Chef Erick Congmon

Whenever I visit a restaurant and see lasagna on their menu, I immediately think of the words "expensive" and "small servings." It's quite unfortunate because I've loved pasta ever since I can remember, but I can't recall the last time I had a plate of lasagna and actually felt like I got what I paid for.

So when I laid eyes on House of Lasagna at J. Abad Santos last year, I just knew I had to try it out. I mean, there are a lot of restaurants that serve lasagna, but none that actually specializes in it (and offers more than five different kinds) until now. So when Mike and I finally found the time to dine there AND meet the person behind it, I was excited, to say the least.

Their best-selling Beef Lasagna (P250) House of Lasagna