Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Quarantine Eats: Part Four

Looking for things to try this coming Ber months? Check this list out!

As tired and as sleepy as I have been the past months due to my pregnancy, I promised myself I'd #supportlocalbusiness by purchasing from different food purveyors and taking photos of their products to post on Instagram as well as my blog. It's a small thing, I know, but I'd like to think that every bit helps especially now that the pandemic is still very much around, making it difficult for businesses to thrive. 

For this round, we have a couple of things I've purchased from friends, while the rest are from businesses I've already tried and have loved even before.

1. Feed Me, Pepe
Starting us off is my friend Pepe Samson's Pad Kra Pao, which I've honestly never tried before in my life. This guy is obsessed with Thailand and has made it his mission to let people know that there's more to Thai food than just pad thai. Slots get full all the time, especially since people say that his food brings them back to the Land of Smiles! His offerings change every week - for updates, follow him on Instagram (@pepesamson).

2. Black Belt Gyoza
I probably said this in my previous post but I am OBSESSED with gyoza. I swear, I can eat them every single day of my life. The baby in my tummy loves them too, apparently, because ever since I found out about my pregnancy, I've been craving for either pasta or dumplings. This is why I make sure to stock up so I can steam them whenever I feel like it. Black Belt Gyoza is actually my friend Kervin's start-up business - he makes everything (down to the wrapper) from scratch. He now has ramen kits available as well as different flavored gyoza so make sure to check out Black Belt Gyoza on Instagram!

3. Candishhh Bakes
Sick of seeing sourdough in the market? Well, why not order some focaccia instead? Didi of @candishhhbakes prepares orders on the day they're set to be delivered so you get 'em hot and fresh! Choose from Rosemary, Tomato, and Olives; Caramelized Onions and Feta; Caramelized Onions and Garlic; Garlic, Olives, and Bagel Seasoning; and Green Focaccia (infused with malunggay!)

4. Tsukemen
This has to be my favorite dish from all the stalls available at The Grid Food Market. I don't know why I never got to try it before the pandemic, but I'm so glad I did this month and at the comforts of my own home too! Their DIY Kits are easy to follow and so convenient to prepare for when the craving strikes. If you guys don't know, tsukemen is kinda like ramen except that you dip the noodles in the broth rather than having it all mixed together. I like the strong umami flavor in this one, and the servings... definitely sulit!!

5. Bhest Lasagna
This spicy laing lasagna from Bhest is truly one of a kind. I personally love their take on the beef lasagna, but this one changes the game completely. I know it may seem weird to combine the two, but it's honestly THE. BEST. THING. It's all the good things you like in a laing placed in between layers of lasagna strips. Order yours here.

6. Black Scoop Cafe
Ice cream, anyone? Black Scoop Cafe is known for their black mascarpone sundae and brown sugar drinks, but did you know they had pasta, sandwiches, etc. on their menu as well? Aside from that, they've recently released ice cream versions of their best-selling flavors! There's of course Okinawa Brown Sugar with Pearls, Black Mascarpone with Grahams, and my favorite, Halo-Halo!!

7. VietYum MNL
I honestly did not think much of these when I first saw them. I figured the noodles would be bland and that all the flavor would be coming from the prawns or beef, but boy, was I wrong!! VietYumMNL's garlic noodles is super tasty and really good even to eat on its own! I heard from one of the owners, Irene, that the noodles actually came about as a happy accident; she was trying to make something for her husband and didn't have enough ingredients so she improvised, and this is what turned out! They're coming out with Vietnamese chicken wings soon, so better follow them at VietYumMNL on Instagram! ;)

8. Babu PH
Laksa DIY Kits, Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice.. that's what Babu is all about. Have you tried them at The Grid before? Well I have, and my personal favorite is their Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken (I'm pretty sure they also have a salmon version but it doesn't seem to be available at the moment). The Laksa comes at close second and best of all, you can do-it-yourself at home! Get a box good for two servings for only Php 750 today.

9. Belly Chow Dimsum
Remember when we used to dine in at Chinese restaurants and then a cart filled with smoking hot dumplings would roll by? Well, everything in that cart's available at Belly Chow Dimsum! It's basically a one-stop shop for authentic frozen dimsum and they're all about serving us pure meat with no extenders! They're located just around Banawe and I know a lot of folks flock to the area just to get their dimsum fix. Now you don't have to, because you can actually have it delivered straight to your homes! You can contact them at (0918) 331-7989 or through their Instagram @bellychowdimsum.

10. Thai Joint PH
Last but not the least for this round of quarantine eats is Thai Joint PH which started just a few weeks ago. Despite being located in Cavite, people from QC have ordered from here and I guess that tells you how good and legit this stuff is. I was part of the first batch that tried them out and they've since improved the recipe to incorporate the feedback they've received from clients. Each tub is priced at Php 350 (good for two persons) but if I were you, I'd get at least two orders (para hindi kayo mabitin haha) Give them a follow: @thaijointph ;)

Watch out for part five coming soon!
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