Friday, April 25, 2014

Dream Day Friday

Bringing back Dream Day Friday (DDF) on the last Friday of the month! It's been nine months since my last DDF post, so let me explain real quick what it's about.

I started Dream Day Friday a year ago to remind myself what I need to save up for. I often impulse buy, especially when I'm out alone, so I created this to help control my spendings. It also doubles as a list of things I would love to get on my birthday. *inserts shy laugh*

Though I didn't get everything on my list last year, I was able to acquire a number of them and that's good enough for me. This year, I have bigger goals, but at the same time, I want to save up. I've been trying really hard, to the point that I have been indulging less in little things like cupcakes and waffles! Yes, it makes me sad sometimes, but whenever that happens, I try to look at the bigger picture and all is okay with the world again (plus I save myself from the additional calories).

So, for the past weeks, I have been thinking a lot about gadgets - why, you ask?

1. My Macbook's battery has been broken for a while now but replacing it costs P6,590. Crazy, right? Since I really don't want to spend that much on battery, I always find myself looking for power outlets in tea/coffee shops. It's really an inconvenience, so I decided that I want to get an iPad. iPad Mini or iPad Air? I'm not sure yet, since I haven't had the chance to research on them. Haha. But I plan on using it mainly to work on the blog when I'm not at home and to read on iBooks, so the Mini should do... Right?

2. My friends and I spent four wonderful days in Davao two weeks ago, and what do I have to show for it? Under-exposed Instax photos. Some came out over-exposed but that's better than having a completely dark/black photo. Unfortunately, with the Instax, there's no way of telling how each photo's going to come out. That's why I want to get myself an Instax Share SP-1. I think it's a good investment considering your photos come out exactly the way they look on your phone and you don't end up wasting film (P.S. a sheet of film costs about P30).

3. As I've mentioned long before on the blog, my Canon EOS 400D is pretty much on its deathbed already. I've been putting up with it for some time now, but I really think it's high time my baby retires. Dear Lisa (yes, my camera has a name), you've been amazing and all, but I need to move on. I've always been a Canon girl, but the Fujifilm X-M1 is something else. The sleek design and the Wi-Fi capability makes it much more difficult to resist. The problem: it's currently priced at P30k. /cries
That's it. As you can see, I have a basis for wanting these gadgets. I didn't sit down and force myself to come up with this list, it just happened. So please wish me luck on these new goals and feel free to tell my mom and dad about them. Lol. Happy Friday!! :)

* All photos were taken from Google

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