Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bayani Challenge 2014

Last year's trials rocked the Philippines--Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), the Bohol earthquake, and the Zamboanga siege, to name a few. These left millions of Filipinos in need and without hope for full recovery. We've all been doing our own things to help out, but this summer, we have the chance to all get together and help out in a MASSIVE way.
Gawad Kalinga's Bayani Challenge 2014 (BC) aims to help re-build lives in various disaster-hit areas. The journey will become even more intense and exciting as we call on volunteers from all over the world--1 MILLION VOLUNTEERS, to be exact--to rebuild the Philippines.

So, that's:
12 provinces
9 weeks (April 9 - June 12)
1,000,000 heroes (volunteers)

Each volunteer will have a 5-day experience in a specific site--it can be House Building, School Refurbishing, Clean-Up Drive, Health Mission, Paraisong Pambata (Play Therapy for Kids), or Tree Planting.

So Gawad Kalinga and iVolunteer Philippines are inviting everyone to join the Bayani Challenge 2014. It's going to be an exciting adventure! :)

Find out more: http://bit.ly/ivolbayani


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  1. Hi Bettina! This is Jenny from iVolunteer Philippines. GK is having Bayani Challenge again this year, and we are once again helping them promote it. Hope you can share the news and join!!

    1. Hi Jenny! Can you please email me the details so I can help spread the word, as well! Email is technicolorful@yahoo.com :)