Sunday, March 3, 2013

Forever 21 Sports

Last February 25, I forced myself to get out of the house. Being that it was a holiday, all I wanted to do was lay in bed while I watched my series. Then I remembered what I told myself at the start of the year - that I had to shed some pounds and get healthy. So yeah, I went to the mall to do the first step in getting fit (in my world, at least) - buy the right clothes. Plus, I realized I couldn’t survive with a pair of jogging pants and a sports bra anymore. Heh :P

Who would’ve thought I’d find my sports attire at Forever21? Well, I’m probably the last person in the world to know about that, but pfft, that doesn’t change the fact that I was absolutely thrilled with these buys! With clothes as colorful as these, I will definitely be encouraged to go to the gym or play badminton more often! :)


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  1. Yes, I love their active gear! So far, even after scouring other brands, F21 is the only place where I found some good spandex tank tops with attached built-in bras. The pads are removable so they won't get ruined in the wash. Kinda pricey at around Php700 each for the tops, though. They do have marked down leggings for just Php199 a pair very often. Wooot F21 love! <3

    1. GIRL! From 2013 pa to! Hahahaha! But true! F21 ftw! I have F21 leggings din!! :))